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Sunday, October 17, 2021


The mentality of a rapist never ceases to astonish me-

How he succumbs to devour a pre-adolescent damsel-

Without the slightest prick of conscience-

And reap a flower that hasn’t yet flowered-

Not knowing; the ecstasy from a  single round of ejaculation is not worth the damage of the rape-

Chaii! Lee dafa daw yaram-

Teh doy haram-

Having a barely teenage girl seized by a grown man-

Entangled within his grip-

Unable to free herself-

Neither her feeble strength able to push off the heavy rapist-

Nor her helpless cries induce sympathy into the heart of the rapist-

As he forces a camel’s head through the eye of a needle-

Rendering it apart right from the middle-

Making blood to forcefully gush out from a girl before her puberty-

Desecrating her girl-hood-

Her pride-

Her dignity-

Her liberty.

Such a man doesn’t belong to the prisons-

He belongs to the worms of the grave-

#The Panacea Poet

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