PS Sankareh-Farage meets delegation from AU Commission and African Freedom of Information Centre


BANJUL, 1 April 2022: The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Mrs. Saffie Sankareh-Farage on Tuesday 29 March, 2022 held a meeting with officials from the African Union Commission and the African Freedom of Information Centre Delegation, accompanied by the Gambia Press Union Secretary General, Mr. Modou S. Joof.

The delegation paid a visit to PS Sankareh-Farage to discuss the right to information in The Gambia and the ratification of the African Union treaties and protocols.

The delegation had also met with other relevant stakeholders to promote access to information in elections and the ratification of African Union treaties.


PS Sankareh-Farage warmly welcomed the delegation and informed them of the great strides achieved by The Gambia in context of access to information and citizen participation, expressing further her delight that the information bill has been passed into law and looks forward to the implementation of the mechanisms stipulated in the Act.

She praised GPU for their work adding that they have a huge role to play in terms of sensitisation and awareness creation and urge them to continue their engagement with the various information officers within government.  “We are partners, I don’t see civil society or press on one side and government on the other side. The goal is the same; we all want a better Gambia and a better Africa,” PS Sankareh-Farage posited.

The head of delegation, Ms. Makda Mikre Tessema, said The Gambia is doing “really well” and  has already ratified five (5) out of six (6) of the AU treaties on access to information.

Issued by: Ya Awa Touray, Information Officer-Ministry of Foreign Affairs