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Re: Qcell launches 5G


Dear Editor,

Someone needs to tell this GSM companies like Qcell to stop playing with our brains. We’re are not fools; we just don’t have any other options that’s the reason we’re still with them until now. Okay!.

Ali Modri? Nyassi


Dear Editor,

The only thing you need for proof is to get the 5G SIM card, get a 5G supported smart phone and go to one of the locations they say are 5G enable and the phone can prove it. It is not rocket science to prove it but I can see lots of dumb comments. One can say the data is expensive but the 4G and 5G are real because I saw a download speed of up to 34mbps per second at a friend’s house around Senegambia on 4G. Also remember that these technologies are not supported nationwide. Let’s try to appreciate the hard work of some people in society. Even though they work for profit, but without them we will be far behind in technology.

3G is the slowest speed you’ll usually be browsing on. It has a typical real-world download speed of 3Mbps and a theoretical maximum download speed of 7.2Mbps. If you want to stream a video via 3G from YouTube, for example, you could be waiting up to ten seconds for it to load. Just yesterday night I was at 9mbps that means I was above 3G not to talk of 34mbps. That’s definitely 4g. It seems like some people are just ignorant and haters of progress.

Modou S Kebbeh

Ndungu Kebbeh

Dear Editor,

Do we need this at this point in time in The Gambia? Do you realise how much the CPE will cost? Do they put it into consideration that to enjoy this LTE on the fifth generation, you need a compatible phone. People will have to go the extra mile to source for money to get these devices. I am not saying the tech is not good but with the present situation economic wise in the country people will find it very difficult to align with it.

Sam Oluyeba


Dear Editor,

Qcell, please Increase to 10G if you want, we are not coming back. Your network is too expensive and the average Gambian people are poor. We cannot continue giving to rich people to make them richer everyday while we are suffering. Wasalam.

Fanta Holi King Sidibeh

Wisconsin, USA

Dear Editor,

We are having problems with 2G talk less of 3G and now they are giving more lies to Gambians saying they are launching 5G… Keep cheating and putting more cost on it!

Muhammed Zaly ben AbdoulAziz Hydara


Dear Editor,

There is no quality in all these fake developments. Qcell, your network is very poor and you consume megabytes within seconds. Stop the mind game and do the right thing. Qcell network is becoming the worst in this country

Amadou Suwareh


Dear Editor,

5G indeed when Qcell’s Internet and network is poor and expensive. I know some of the people benefiting will not agree with me but who cares, the truth hurts. Gambians, it is high time you open your eyes and realise that GSM operators are termites exploiting the poor average Gambians.

Abdos Jatta

Assassin Beats

Dear Editor,

Let’s make our 2G and even 3G systems better first. There are countries which are more advanced compared to us and when it comes to mobile technology, they don’t have 5G. Qcell, I will not believe until you go to the national television show us how your 5G infrastructure and how it works.

Yusupha Saine


Dear Editor,

This is hilarious! I wanted to see the test runs for the 5G they are claiming!

When a government scams it’s own citizens with the Securiport deal, the so-called big companies will follow suit!  Probably clueless and inept Barrow is getting a “back hand “ in this fake innovation!  Give us a break! Gambians should boycott these fake scammers!

Donny Ozmond

Hackney, London

Dear Editor,

This is just another trick for Qcell to suck the meagre income of our poor masses and after this they will come out during Ramadan showing the whole world that they are giving charity to our masses which is haram because the prophet preached that the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving out in charity.

Malaine Bojang

Manjai Kunda

Dear Editor,

This is scam of the highest level. How can you introduce 5G while your 4G network is not working as expected. All these are propaganda just to prevent people from joining Comium.

Haruna Jallow


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