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The stage is set for the crucial final phase of the President Barrow peace football championship with the regional finals taking place soon.

Following successful groovy knockout across districts in all regions across the country, the tournament now reaches the platform for the big boys who will be competing for a place in the national final.

The championship is divided into provincial and urban sections.

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The champions of the regions of the provincial section are poised for a mouthwatering campaign with all matches taking place at the Soma mini- stadium. The teams are: Wuli East for URR, Niamina West from CRR South, Upper Nuimi from NBR, Jarra East from LRR, and Niani from CRR. The winner of this provincial section will play the winner of the urban section in the national final.


10 June. Time- 8.00am

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Wuli East vs (Niamina West

10 June. 4:30pm

Upper Nuimi vs Niani

11 June. Time- 8.00am.

Niani vs Jarra East.

11 June Time- 4:30pm

Niamina West vs Wuli East

12 June- 8:00am

Wuli East vs Upper Nuimi

12 June. Time: 4:30pm

Jarra East vs Niamina West

13 June. Time: 8:00am

Niamina West vs Niani

13 June Time-4:30pm

Upper Nuimi vs Jarra East

14 June. Time- 8:00am

Jarra East Upper vs Upper Niumi

14 June. Time- 4:30pm

Niani vs Wuli East)

Meanwhile in the urban section, three teams, Serekunda from KM, Berefet from West Coast and Central 1 from Banjul will slug it out for a place in the national final against the champion of the provincial section.


13 June-Serekunda vs Berefet- in KM

14 June- Central 1 vs Serekunda—in Banjul

15 June – Berefet vs Central 1 in West Coast

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