Road safety sensitization for schools in Gambia rolls out


By Lamin Njie

Assistant Information Officer

Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure


Road traffic safety is a major public health problem and a development challenge in The Gambia. Currently, road traffic-related deaths and injuries are becoming a great burden on citizens as well as government agencies and departments, thus the need for greater collaboration by different stakeholders in reducing or preventing road traffic accidents on our roads.

In a bid to address this menace, the Ministry of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure has developed a Road Safety Annual Work Plan for 2022. Thus, by developing activity books for school-going children to familiarize themselves with some of the common road traffic signs and their interpretations in the Gambia. Already, approval was given by Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) for the printing of the activity books. 

The main objective of this activity is to increase road safety awareness among school going children. Some of these materials that were procured for distribution during the school sensitization campaign include lollipop sticks, traffic cones, posters of traffic signs, reflective stickers, and safety vests to be used by the schools during morning and afternoon rush hours.

It is worthwhile to note that the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure has taken the lead in coordinating the planning and management of road safety activities in The Gambia, in line with recommendations from the UN Global Decade of Action on Road Safety, 2011–2020, to establish a high-level National Road Safety Committee, which is in place, comprising major stakeholder institutions. The committee is the highest decision-making body (on road safety) in the country. Thus, the level of representation includes Permanent Secretaries/Managing Directors and Heads of Institutions, supported by technical expertise.