Royal Messenjah to launch ‘Better Days’


royal messenjah

With Sheriff Janko

Gambia’s phenomenal reggae artiste –Royal Messenjah is set ahead of the official launch of his new album slated for November 30. Filled with a diverse collection of songs, ‘Better Days’ as it is titled, speaks for itself, as it also brought to spotlight some of the challenges confronting communities, while reminding ghetto youths of better days ahead.
“As reggae-dancehall singers, our mission is to address people and rise up against the diseases and injustices of society, that was impossible then,” he stated.
Messenjah remembers some comrades who “bothered” with his lyrics and believes that musicians have a great challenge ahead in this new democratic era.


The rising star has been on top of his career since the start of the year and there seems no stopping in sight. He has over the years taken The Gambian flag to the four corners of the world for being recognized with solid positive reggae music which gives him access to share one stage with some of the leading names in the world music scene.

On YouTube, where fans can watch the video of “Better Days”, the artiste claims to have put in that melody his “deepest emotions” to tell a story of The Gambia dragged to “the depths of corruption and injustice of human rights.”
Growing up into a musical family, Royal Messenjah burst onto the music scene with hits including ‘Yaye Boye’, ‘Griot’, I cry, ‘Misery and pain’ and ‘Sohore’ as his latest tracks.