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Safe in Kaba’s hands, is our football

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Dear Editor,
I have an opinion and would like to share, express in this popular medium of yours.
It’s a fact that we all care about our football but the degrees differ.
More importantly, young and currently followers of this beautiful game refuse to understand what was. I share:
Presidents come and go and has now led us having different CAMPS. This is not good for our football. I have been in Gambian football for so long now. In my opinion, I will suggest we leave KABA to his final term and one person be prepared to lead our football than having a fragment from the same house to lead our football which will continue to make us be in camps and will continue to disintegrate us since there will be a payback system administration.
In all honesty, Sadibou may not be a bad person but let’s look at his composition and what that can bring to our present football.
Sadibou has many plans in his Starting Eleven why didn’t he put the same plan at GFF when he was with them?
Sadibou has a great opportunity with the current GFF Executive Committee looking at the number of positions/committees he is in.
Let’s look at it critically and remember that he is a fraction from the current GFF Executive Committee holding so many positions. Then whatever happens at the present GFF Sadibou is a party to that play.
Sadibou serves as a Campaign Manager for KABA, worked with them for years and just few months to GFF election he resigned because he wants to be GFF President.
Let us be honest to ourselves. If Sadibou makes any allegation(s) to the current GFF Executive then he is referring to himself.
If Sadibou really thinks that the current GFF Executive is not a good one he should have resigned even before ONE YEAR in to office. Then we will know that he is the right person to lead our football without division/disintegration.
Please let’s read and understand and not to be agitated about my opinion. We all want a change for good but not a change that will separate us, be in different camps.

The roles of Sadibou Kamaso in GFF

  1. He was the secretary to the Emergency Committee
  2. He was the Chairman of the procurement committee
  3. He was the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee
  4. He was a Member of the Players Status Committee
  5. He was a Member of the Task for the introduction of a Professional League
  6. He was Vice Chairman of the Awards and Legends Committee
  7. He was Vice Chairman of the Technical Working Group
    He served in all these committees for almost FOUR YEARS without speaking out or resigning.
    His resignation was as a result of the sacking of Haruna Cham and Salifu Touray from GFF subcommittees. So he didn’t see anything fundamentally wrong with Kaba’s leadership which tangible for him to resign.
    Honestly, if he had resigned earlier one may believe that he is on the right track but in this last minute after doing together everything with the current GFF Executive Committee.
    Thank you all and wish all the best of luck.
    Alkali Sarr
    Football fan
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