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Sanna Fadera denies inciting mutiny

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By Binta A Bah

Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera, the alleged ringleader of three soldiers and a police officer accused of last December’s coup plot, yesterday continued his testimony denying allegation of inciting two military officers, Captain Mamat Jobe and Karamo Jatta to commit an act of mutiny.

Fadera who was responding to questions from his lawyer said he has never in his military career plan to incite mutiny or plan with anyone to overthrow the government as alleged in court.

“That was not my intention. I have never plan that,” he told the court denying discussing with anyone about weapons to be used in connection to the alleged coup.

He said the allegation that he was introduced to one of the state witnesses in this trial, Saikou Gassama to facilitate a marabout in Mauritania is not true saying nothing have ever transpired between him and Gassama.

He admitted once meeting the state’s undercover agent who testified against him in court at the university of the Gambia while doing his course but denied ever interacting with this witness who alleged that he (Fadera) told him he will make him the head of the intelligence services when he becomes the head of state.

He finally denied the charges of treason, concealment of treason and mutiny before wrapping of his defence.

Under cross examination, Fadera rejects the state prosecutor’s indication that he supports Thomas Sankara’s ideologies.

When the prosecutor suggested to him that he was not happy as his application for promotion was rejected on two occasions after he bagged his degree from the UTG, Fadera responded that he can’t tell whether he was rejected as he did not receive any feedback after his application.

Meanwhile the second accused person, Sergeant Gibril Darboe, is expected to open his defence today.

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