Sanno Says Barrow Fans Club Supports President’s Political Agenda


By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow’s deputy political adviser, Dodou Sanno, has said that while the Barrow Youths for National Development is apolitical and development-oriented, the Barrow Fans’ Club supports the head of state in furthering his political agenda.

However, in March, the national mobiliser of the fans’ club, Lamin Jammeh, dismissed any suggestion that the newly-formed organisation is a replica of Jammeh’s “green youths”.


Jammeh said the club consisted of members of all political parties concerned with maintaining unity in the country as opposed to the “green boys and girls” movement.

But now Mr Sanno has declared that the Barrow Fans’ Club is doing all it can to empower President Barrow politically and “exhausting all means” to ensure that they support the president in his politics.

Sanno added: “We want to call on everyone who wants to support President Barrow to go to the fans club’s bureaux and register.

We also want to call on the yaï compin (women’s groups) and others to come and register so that we will know those who intend to support the president,” Sanno said in a Star Fm exclusive yesterday.

However, he said although the Barrow Fans’ Club has been established, they cannot call it a political party .

He explained: “We don’t have a party yet. But what is clear is that we only see one leader who is President Barrow and we want to support him to achieve his dreams.

When the time comes to form a political party…that is a decision for the president to take.”

He also rubbished claims that President Barrow invites people to the State House to canvass for political support.

On rumours that President Barrow is planning to form an alliance with the APRC, Sanno said: “Gambians should stop making unfounded allegations. There is nothing between Barrow and the APRC. I believe if the APRC are in for peace we have no reason to reject them. They have all the right to support Barrow if they want.

What we should all accept is that whether we like it or not, President Barrow is our president.”

Commenting on the much-talked about three-year versus five-year transition term for the president, Sanno said: “Barrow will stay for five years, and there is no doubt about that”.


Mr Sanno said the UDP is no longer as united as it used to be during the struggle. He accused some of the newcomers into the party of fomenting the disunity.

“I still love Ousainu Darboe and the UDP but the party is no longer the party it used to be during the struggle. I don’t want to see the UDP in this situation but those who should have stopped it are okay with the way things are.”