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School holidays: A word to students and parents


We have once again entered the school holidays for the second term of the school year. This is the time for our students to as well pursue extra curricula activities. We should enhance that experience for them by giving them time to advice and remind them of the need to stay on the right path. For it’s shocking to see how pathetic some of the students spend their holidays. 


Parents should be at the forefront in catering for the development and welfare needs of their children. The alarming rate of drug abuse and other related vices within the student body and by extension the young people, is a cause of concern for us all. And, sadly, it is during school holidays that most young people get introduced to asocial behaviours. Generally, this usually happens when the parent doesn’t give quality time to the young person, leaving him at the mercy of condemnable enterprises. Therefore, no matter how much we condemn the bad things young people indulge in, we should also look inward and see how our actions or inactions contribute to the situation. 


Students are to be reminded that they owe it to themselves, their parents, nation and the world at large to take their education seriously. They must stay away from behaviors that would put them in harm’s way and retard their development. A sense of duty should be inculcated in them because the development and progress of the country lie in a young populace that is educated and healthy in all aspects. 


It’s to be noted also the force that prevents and preserves the energy and potent nature of youth has always been the virtue of self restraint. Let us teach the importance of self restraint to our young ones. This means having the courage to say no to what will be of harm to them. 


Furthermore, we should be reminded that beach picnics are more frequent during these times. But so are incidents of drowning. It’s of course legitimate that students have fun but what’s the point when lives are being lost. Students are to be advised to adopt safe methods and ways to enjoy their leisure times. The authorities are also called upon to scale up rescue measures at the beaches. The rescue authorities have been doing a lot in saving lives and should be commended. However they should be more vigilant during school holidays when majority of our young population is down at the beach.


The school administrations are also called upon to make holidays a reality for the young people. Many times, these school holidays are filled with compulsory study classes that make it almost impossible for the students to have enough rest after an intensive term. One of the many arguments tendered for this is the issue of not covering the curriculum for that term. But what happens to students when they have to learn literally the whole year without have enough leisure. A brain that doesn’t rest tends to be dull. 


Once again, we remind the students of the need to stay far from vices that will impede not only their progress in school but also as potential inheritors of our societal leadership. Let them have fun safely, and parents should utilise this moment to spend quality time with their children. 


Wishing all the students a restful holiday season!


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