Seedy Njie clarifies

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Seedy Njie has said contrary to The Standard’s report quoting him as saying his opponents in Thursday’s election are not educated enough, he in fact respect all his opponents in the  race for the Nianija Constituency.” I was misquoted by your reporter Kebba Camara.  I have respect for all candidates there as we are all citizens looking for the same job to serve the country.  But I am sure I will win.

Equally I never said President Jammeh will come back. All what I said is that the APRC will maintain the majority,” he said.
Mr Njie further clarified that it is the APRC as a party, which sponsored him and not the party leader as was quoted.

Mr Njie last week predicted a landslide for the APRC which he said he still stands by. “We shall retain our majority on Thursday,” he concluded.

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