Seedy Njie: Most of the elected independent candidates belong to NPP


By Omar Bah

A key aide to President Barrow and strategist for his party, the NPP, has said the majority of the independent candidates who got elected in last Saturday’s parliamentary elections are in fact members of his party.

Reacting to the elections results, NPP deputy spokesperson Seedy Njie last night told The Standard: “It is because of the dissatisfaction during the selection process they decided to not necessarily go against the government or the president. So I can assure you that most of those independent candidates are members of the National People’s Party. We recognise that and we will find a way to avoid such recurrence. NPP will find a way of reconciling with its members and return them to the party.


“We congratulate all those who voted for the party and those who have contested under the party, whether they won or not. And now that the elections are over, we want to call on all Gambians to put their differences aside and focus on national development.”

“The president profoundly thanks the entire country, especially those who went out to vote on Saturday and assured that he is committed to continue safeguarding the country’s democracy. He takes pride in building the democracy,” Njie added.

On the party’s dismal performance in Banjul, KM and West Coast, Njie said: “We have taken note of our performance in the KM, Banjul and West Coast Region. We will consult all our regional executives in those areas to discuss what must have gone wrong.”