Sex pest rapes boy in Jeshwang


By Mafugi Ceesay

A pre-teen boy was reportedly lured into an unfinished building in Old Jeshwang and raped by an unidentified man Tuesday afternoon. 

An irate father told The Standard last evening that his son arrived home in tears and when questioned by his elder sister, revealed that on his way from a football field a stranger approached help him and asked him for help.


He explained: “He [the young boy] followed the man into an incomplete building where the man tied his hands and covered his mouth before he tore off his trousers and sodomised him.

“When he came home and telling his sister what happened, I followed him to the spot but his abuser was nowhere to be seen. I asked his friends but they could not identify the man. I then reported the case to the police who asked me to return today as they are going to investigate the matter.”

Contacted for details on the reported rape, police spokesman Supt Lamin Njie said he was not aware of the matter.