Silla-ba: Civil servants not supportive of gov’t should quit


By Mafugi Ceesay

Business tycoon, Silla-ba Samateh has advised that civil servants who share a different political agenda with the president and his government should consider leaving, rather than staying to mislead or sabotage the system. Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Samateh said even in the western world, people who disagree with the leaders often resign to allow others who agree with the government to serve.

“I have understood that such a  situation does not exist in this country and unless we are sincere to each other, people living as wolves in sheep’s clothing, who are too many in this system will make us fail,” Samateh said.


 He added that there should be no exception because such people even include ministers, permanent secretaries right down to cleaners.

 Silla-ba further reasoned that if such people refuse to leave their positions, then when they are discovered to be saboteurs, they should be removed to allow others who share the government’s agenda to fill their positions. ”This is natural justice. If you do not belong, then leave before you spoil anything. That is better than staying and misleading the president or government. Such people must also know that people are watching them and would not hesitate to point them out. It is the duty of every Gambian to ensure that any given government of the day succeeds,” Silla-ba warned.