29.2 C
City of Banjul
Tuesday, October 19, 2021


These cumulative atrocities went unpunished

And they persisted without atonement

Now we co-exist cheek by jowl with the masters

Telling us to let bygones be bygones

To forget the pain and the marks on our backs

To overlook our centenarian eunuchs

Who could not procreate this generation

To turn a blind eye to the irreparable damages incurred

When to them, even a slap should be redressed

How about the damages they caused Africa?

The decades of shipping our able-bodied souls

Decades of rapine, looting and killings

They have broken our willpower; the youths

Leaving a pool of blood in their wakes

Not only that; millions of widows and orphans

We still cannot recover cuz of the destruction

That’s why we call for compensation

Otherwise all ties sever; even miscegenation

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