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SIS DG starts field tour

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By Lamin Cham

The director general of the State Intelligence Services, Ousman Sowe yesterday began on his annual tour of the country.

The tour is part of the reforms created at the institution since the democratic change of government in 2017 and accords the DG and his staff an opportunity to assess the security state of the nation.

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During the trip, DG Sowe and delegation will hold talks with community and local government leaders as well as ordinary Gambians and security stakeholders on both banks of the River Gambia before returning on Friday.

Speaking to the media as he took off at the Banjul Ferry Terminal, Mr Sowe said this year’s tour comes at a time when election is very near with its tension and anxiety.

”But we are very sure and hopeful that Gambians are ready to hold a peaceful election and are aware that election is just an event that would pass while we continue to live together as one nation. We must all try to keep national and social cohesion and not be unnecessary hostile to each other just because of an election. There are so many good things we share in common that cannot be sacrificed just because we differ in political views or affiliation,” Mr Sowe said. ‘Security is everyone’s business and not just us who work in it. And so we will meet, discuss, consult and interact with the people,” DG Sowe said. The trip will be followed by a press conference on Friday at which the delegation will speak on the tour and related matters.

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