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Monday, October 2, 2023

SIS intercepts military deserter

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The State Intelligence Services (SIS) has intercepted a 2014 military deserter at the Amdalai border post, following his attempt to enter the country from Senegal.

The military deserter, Edrissa Babou of Mbollet Ba village in the North Bank Region of The Gambia, was intercepted by agents of the SIS recently at the border post.

Babou, who was a Lance corporal before he deserted the Gambia National Army, told investigators that he left the Gambia after he was accused of stealing a cow from the Banjulinding cattle farm of the former head of state while he and his colleagues were on guard at the farm in 2014.

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In 14 September 2014, according to Babou, he left the Gambia through Amdalai then to Dakar, through Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast then to Equatorial Guinea where he spent three months. He told investigators that he finally returned to Dakar in December 2014 and worked as a security guard in a company called “Cabinet Immobilier du Monde” until his return on arrival at Amdalaye border heading to Mbollet Ba village where his father lives.

Babou had since been handed over to the army for further investigations. It could be recalled that SIS recently effected major changes that effectively boost its border surveillance services.

Meanwhile, the Gambia Armed Forces yesterday issued a statement saying Babou has so far no connection with the infamous junglers and that he is here to visit his family.

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