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Solution Baye Spirituality ends seminar with call to greater spirituality


Speaking Sunday at the Paradise Suites Hotel during a day-long seminar on spiritual teachings of the Fayda Tijanniya of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, he said: “There is a crisis in administration, in finance, economics, politics, and in our social set-ups. We realised that we have to find solutions to our crises. We at Solution Baye Spirituality realised that the solution to our crises is to go back to spirituality itself. Spirituality is the only solution to the world’s crises of economics, finance, politics and others.

“After conducting a series of meetings in other countries, we realised there is a necessity for us to conduct one here in The Gambia. We realised there will be a solution through spirituality if we return back to that light. So our purpose, in a nutshell, is to take the human being back to the primordial understanding of that light. If we go back to that light, we will bring a solution to the existential problems that humanity faces right now”.

He added: “When I realised this, I knew the only way to change this issue is through spirituality. So I gathered some like-minded people who know the significance of spiritual ethos in the fight against the all-pervading darkness of the crises that are engulfing this world. Whatever is good in this world is the human being and whatever is bad is still the human being because the human being is the heart of this world and the heart as it is known in the Islamic spiritual tradition is the king of the body and all that is outward. 

In a nutshell, spirituality is geared towards creating good hearts. When the sound heart is present, everything will be good; the boy which steals would not steal again, the policeman will be good, the student and everything else will be good. We have Boko Haram and the Isis killing people because there is no spirituality in them. When spirituality is stripped out of people that is what happens. So we are trying to infuse religion with that lost spirituality that was there at the beginning of the Islamic narrative”.

Omar Dodou Mbaye, a participant said of the theme:  “We cannot go back to God without spirituality. The Jews, Buddhists and even Christians believe in spirituality. This is a lesson telling us that the only way back to God is through spirituality.”


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