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With Nyima Bah

ST Brikama Boyo offers 6-year academic scholarship to a kid fan

A few weeks ago, a video of a kid rapping the ‘cigaretto song’ hit social media. The clip went viral. The passion, accuracy of the lyrics and the mannerisms of the kid caught eyes across the country. Then ST himself made a public request to help him find the boy. Well, they have finally met.

The Gambian super star on 27 February posted on his social media page to have paid a surprise visit to the kid’s home. The kid, identified as Hashim Bobo Jallow, is living in Tabokoto with his parents and siblings.

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According to his post, the rapper was amazed with Hashim’s incredible sense of creativity and enthusiasm which he portrayed in the video that captivated ST’s attention.

Contributing his quarter to community development, the Afro-manding rapper gives Hashim some gifts as token of appreciation for his talent. The gifts included school items, cash (D10,000) and a 6-year academic scholarship.

ST posted: “I believe if he is supported, he will go far in life. And I’m happy to be part of that journey in any way I can.”

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                   I didn’t choose music for

glimpse and glamour but to serve humanity

IMG 20210304 WA0008 1

One of Gambia’s melodious voices, Barhama Cham has been speaking to Standard Lite about his music career and why he is more interested in making his music a service to humanity rather than just for the fame.

The singer said he considers two fundamental things when making music; the type of message he disseminates to the audience without using discourteous terms, “which includes what I am going to say in a song that people will love, celebrate, and appreciate me for, not just today but in the future as well as to educate the people through my music. These are priorities.”

Apart from being a singer, he is a poet, activist, and instrumentalist.

“I decided to take up music as a career, because I realized that music is what I have passion for, and in the process of doing music, I get to know that there are just two roles involved: You either in for the glimpse and glamour or you doing music for humanity. I choose service to humanity.”

Barhama is also engaged into activism. He told Standard Lite activism will add weight to his musical career, as he looks to release his album this year.

Barhama has contributed immensely in fighting against injustice, gender inequalities within our society and also in the career of some artistes that are in the limelight. “Whenever I see a talent, I’m always willing to play my quarter to help boost their career and with that, I have successfully helped groom many artistes and they are currently doing great,” he said.

He added that an artiste needs to be equipped with information in order to communicate to the audience.

Apart from being a singer, he is a poet, activist, and instrumentalis

On March 3, 2021, Barhama was made Ambassador of peace hub the Gambia’s Youth Voices.

“Xtra Touch” is back on GRTS“Xtra Touch” is back on GRTS

IMG 20210302 WA0016 4

The Xtra Touch was initiated by Lamin Manga on GRTS TV in the late 90s. The show was then used as a platform to help promote and sell out individuals in the entertainment and creative art industry.

After many years of hibenation, the show is now reinstated by Pa Omar Sowe, also known as Saidina Omar, a lead vocalist in Slam G band.

Speaking to Standard Lite, Saidina Omar said: “As a musician, it is with great pleasure to be the new host of Xtra Touch show, because it’s a show that I have also passed through as an artist and it has contributed a lot in my music career.”

He resonated that reinstating the show to a new generation with internet savvies, he has added new intriguing segments to the show that people can relate to.

Join the live show on GRTS TV every Sunday at 10:30-12pm. You can stream it on Facebook and YouTube as well.

Pa Omar also assured that he will do his best to put creative art in the spotlight as he urged Gambians to tune in and watch the show.

Talented comedian Assan Jobe bags journalism degree

FB IMG 1614902585496

Talented comedian Assan Jobe, popularly known as ‘BUGATA BI’ from Brightstar Entertainment, has recently graduated from the University of The Gambia with a degree in journalism and digital media.

Assan has been blending comedy with serious academic work, while also working with IOM’s communication department.

Nobles lead singer Aya finally reveals girlfriend!

IMG 20210304 WA0006

On Saturday 27th February, Nobles lead vocalist Aya posted on his Instagram page a photo of him with girlfriend.

According to sources close to the singer, the two have been dating for years, well before Nobles hit fame.

The girlfriend is a Gambian based in the US, who is a registered nurse and comes to The Gambia every year for vacation.

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