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State of the nation address

On Thursday, the 19th of September, President Adama Barrow delivered the State of the Nation Address at the National Assembly in front of lawmakers.

The address, which is a Constitutional requirement, is to inform the citizens of the country, through the National Assembly, of his plans for the year ahead.

The president spoke at length of many things which his government has achieved in the past few months.

He spoke for instance of the tremendous improvement that his government has registered in the area of energy.

However, many citizens have criticized the timing of the speech which came at the last quarter of the year. T

he president declared the 2019 Legislative Year open in September leaving many to wonder whether that is the right time to do that.

One thing that many citizens are also complaining about is the fact that the president did not see fit to mention one of the most hotly discussed issues in the country currently, the Three Years Jotna movement.

This movement has made it clear that they wish to protest in December which will mark three years since he came to office and as he had promised, during the campaign, to serve for only three years, they wish to remind him of the need to stick to his words.

The country is divided on this issue as many are of the view that he should be allowed to complete the five year term as stipulated in the constitution.

There is another section of society who postulate that politicians have to stand by their words.

Many citizens are of the view that this issue is of such importance that the president should have addressed it and sought a convergence in the country.

Perhaps it is necessary for the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) to specify a time during which the president should address the National Assembly henceforth.

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