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‘Suffering peacefully’, is meaningless peace under neocolonialism!

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By Ousainou Mbenga

Right off the bat and in Wolof, wakh sa njelbane mucc ga raffet. I take sides with the downtrodden masses in Senegal, notwithstanding the spontaneity, putting their actions in the category of “riots” but a rebellious uprising against the neocolonial state is highly possible under the correct revolutionary leadership. Now is the time for the masses to know who truly serves and is willing to defend their interest and not slip into another betrayal by the treacherous Senegalese petit bourgeoisie at the service of parasitic France.

“Peace, justice and human rights” have been held hostage by imperialist definitions only to keep the “class peace” among themselves while the suffering and misery in the colonies continue with no relief in sight. Their definitions are generally accepted as norm by the rest of the world. We must define peace, justice and human rights on our own terms. The vast majority of the oppressed and downtrodden people of African and the world have been suffering in “peace” for too long. Senegal, like the rest of neocolonial Africa is pregnant with the same social and political contradictions that breeds resistance, which can no longer be contained within the imposed colonial borders.

Suffering in peace is meaningless peace! Social media is rife with “let’s pray for peace in Senegal”. Indeed, you can pray and make animal sacrifices just like you did for Barack Obama and Abdoulaye Wade to become presidents, you can even pray for the African revolution but prayers alone will never end our misery and remove the parasite, France, out of our stomachs and out of the belly of the earth it exploited for centuries. There will never be a “peaceful” coexistence in this never ending humiliation. Suffering in peace to what end? Lest we forget, it was the same fearful cry for “meaningless peace” that emboldened Yahya Jammeh to annul the 2016 election results in The Gambia, consequently, the brief impasse and ultimately the imposition of the Ecomig forces with Macky Sall”s regime in control of The Gambia”s security. And you wonder why Adama Barrow will not say anything about the crisis in Senegal. Genuine peace is not what one wishes or prays upon. We must cultivate the conditions for lasting peace but never expect it from those who climb the “slimy pole of success”.

The most violent forces in our midst is the African petit bourgeoisie, they are always the first to cry out for “peaceful demonstrations,” respect for authority and property while taking part in creating the wretch social conditions that ultimately breed the resistance being manifested today in Senegal and across the continent. Now they have so much to lose from the crumbs accumulated from their parasitic French colonial masters, with greater expectations from the oil and gas discoveries in Senegal; also without doubt in The Gambia. These neocolonial buffoons are drooling at the mouth in anticipation of the oil and gas proceeds, therefore, the desperate fight for a third term for Macky and his Alliance for the Republic (APR), Benno Bokk Yakarr.

Who among them crying out for “peace,” respect for authority and property ever admonished Macky Sall and his unscrupulous politicians for the senseless waste of state resources during political campaigns? And the staggering amount of the people’s money dished out to religious leaders, primarily Muslim clergy, opportunist journalists, evil society organisations [commonly called civil society organisations), state and municipal officials with no accountability and with impunity. The state under the African petit bourgeoisie such as Macky’s regime are quick to accuse the “opposition” of being influenced by “outside agitators,” as if the masses are so stupid to know that they are being oppressed. Out of desperation, Macky and his “sharers of crumbs” accuse Pastef as a gang of terrorists, when all the terror is coming from the state.

Macky Sall and his “French African” minions at the behest of the head of the “French tape worm,” Emmanuel Macron, are determined to further expose the veins of Senegal (by default the Francophone) to draw all the “bloody wealth” for the survival of France and the painful death with humiliation of the Francophone. This is what this fight in the Senegalese front of the African revolution is all about and should be about. There must emerge a revolutionary leadership to carry this fight to its logical conclusion of victory: Power to the people! The forces of betrayal are lurking in all corners, cracks and crevices waiting to hijack the movement. These same masters of betrayal are well alive, just as they were in The Gambia waiting for the slightest opportunity to restore the status quo. They showed their ugly heads and tentacles after the former president, Abdou Diouf, left in support of Abdoulaye Wade. These same forces; “French-Africans” or colonialists in black faces emerged after Wade left in support of Macky Sall. Make no mistake that they are dead and gone, in fact they are more determined now more than ever before to protect France’s interest even if they have to drink more blood of the suffering masses. The tragic consequences of oil, gas and other mineral discoveries in Africa will only be averted by the victory of the African revolution. We cannot afford to leave it to the African petit bourgeoisie.

Finally, we can either make heaven on the African earth and live in real and genuine peace or die and go to the imaginary heaven we are not sure of and rest in “peace” (RIP). There can never be peace on this planet earth under this dog—eat-dog social system called capitalism. Only the African revolution can bring PEACE back into our lives!

Viva Senegambia!  Africa must unite!

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