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Sweden-based writer holds seminar for youth


By Mariam Sankanu

Aicha Diallo, a Finnish writer and teacher based in Sweden on Saturday organised a seminar on how to solve “problems affecting youths” in The Gambia.
“As youths, you are the future and have the tools for creating a better future. Is the government going to give you those tools? No. They do not have those tools themselves. I have been following the politics here for a while and I have not seen any real opportunity created for youths that will give them a bright future. You have the tools already. You just have to know where to start,” Ms Diallo told the gathering.
She added: “Take your education seriously because that is the foundation of your lives. Not all of you are made for theoretical studies. Not all of you can be doctors, lawyers or journalists. The Gambia needs more farmers as well.”
The participants then outlined “various problems hindering the progress of youths” in The Gambia and gave solutions for each problem.
One participants highlighted that one of the reasons students perform poorly in the Wassce and Gabece exams is because “all the qualified teachers teach in the urban areas and the not so qualified ones teach in the rural areas.”
Aicha urged all the participants to act as ambassadors of change if they are serious about “living in a better Gambia.”

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