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The African mother

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By Kaddijatou Jallow

She is in the

sun day and night

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The radiation

striking her skin

The rainfall on her head

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But she is a soldier

Her eyes turn red

like a blazing fire

Her legs never sleep

Stirring the ground

like an earthworm

Her mind busy

calculating like calculator

Her clothes like charcoal

She is always desperate

Desperate for her offspring

Her admonition mild

She feels ill and odd

When her offspring slumbers

She becomes the

security for the night

Clapping for mosquitoes

Is she insane?

The morning breeze finds

her in the street she is

always on the lane

At the market she is

struggling for sale

Her sweat is her gain

The failure is her pain

So she has never lain

Courage is her name

Oh yes! She is

the African mother

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