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The element of surprise: from anticipatory intelligence to actionable intelligence, the most effective psy-ops weapon

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Measures meant to maintain stability while transitioning from tyranny, decadence to democracy and decency do not call for too much noise with too much panic! It does not also call for inhaling intoxicants from “media volcanoes” or “on line loose canons”! Anticipatory Intelligence prior to Actionable Intelligence can only be meaningful within a steady course.

Amplifying what the invisible structure does or creeping towards should be managed by sophistication, not stratification of what is being posted into the database by “archaic handlers”. We as a society must never lose sight of the fact that the establishment that was uprooted in 2016 is still licking its wounds where “sleeper cells” loyal to the former will be using psychological warfare in a rather frustrated and desperate manner. In a case like that, never sideline what a fool among them says but do not engage them in the open either. Their strategies may be slower than tactics but could be a wider and stronger web that can end up catching every element in their camp.

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Whether these elements are seen or unseen they can be caught by strategies and anticipatory intelligence but the noise has to be reduced within the ranks now not later. The former “principal” is like a dead adder. Even if it cannot bite and kill anymore, we must avoid stepping on its skeletal remains! When stalking in the dark do not shine your light at every shadow because light chases shadows away. What one should do is remain in the dark, with less noise to be able to hear the whispers and detect the routes.
Who is who in their invisible structure should remain the X factor of the equation. Although public utterances are acceptable where the ripple effects of panic keep growing asunder, managing them is not bad either.

Leave those seasoned in the tradecraft do the needful with less noise at the same time lessen releasing “impregnated” press releases.
Political standpoints are not always compatible with what covert missions are expected to achieve. Following the former “principal” must be done with less noise. In fact, make him and his affiliates feel that they are not being tracked or they are not under surveillance while doing your thing alongside.

Always leave those who germinate adverse effects in their bubbles and use the surprise element to capture them in their act! Mark you, information is not intelligence as the former is the minefield whereas satellites capture everything, what they capture is stored, processed, and analyzed. Some of it is classified as some of it is not classified. As long as intelligence does not substitute myth in the game, the rules will remain lame!

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