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The GFF Electoral Committee’s reasons and the reaction of the Sillah Camp on the disqualification 4 of 5 candidates of the Sillah Camp is reproduced in full below.

1. Electoral Committee on (Kaba Ceesay)
The assistant Secretary General of G.P.A FC Mr Arthur Aschcroft , who signed on behalf of the Secretary General Mr Baboucar Bailo Jallow, told the Electoral Committee through a telephone conversation that he was authorised by the latter to sign on his behalf. However, Mr Jallow through a telephone conversation with the Electoral Committee denied this and said he didn’t authorise Mr Arthur Ashcroft or any person to sign on his behalf. This tantamount to false information and deceiving the Electoral Committee

Sillah Camp’s reaction
The Gambia Ports Authority FC nominated Kaba Ceesay for 2nd Vice President of GFF. GPA FC authorised Mr. Ousman Jobarteh, President and Authur Ascroft, Assistant Secretary to sign Kaba’s nomination form, which was embossed with the GPA official seal.

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The disqualification Mr Kaba Ceesay was based on a purported telephone conversation between the Electoral Committee Members and Mr. Bubacarr Bailo Jallow who is alleged to have denied authorising the signature. There was no official correspondence to GPA FC to ascertain the said allegation of non-authorization of signatures on the nomination form.

There is no provision in the GFF Constitution and Electoral Code that provides legal requirement for the capacity of signatory for nomination of a candidate. The Electoral Committee is not mandated under the GFF Constitution or Electoral Code to decide who should sign the nomination form for any elective post. The GFF Electoral Committee’s decision is not based on the GFF Constitution and Electoral Code


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2. The Electoral Committee on Abdoulie Njie (Star Njie)
The Secretary General of Gunjur United, Mr Ebrima Jammeh confirmed to the Electoral Committee through a telephone conversation that he signed for himself as the Secretary General and at the same time signed for the president with a different signature which tantamount to impersonation.


Sillah Camp’s reaction
Gunjur United FC endorsed Mr Abdoulie Njie’s nomination as 3rd Vice President of the GFF for the forthcoming Elective Congress with the clubs stamp and seal.
Mr. Ebrima Jammeh, the Secretary General and another member of the Club delegated by the President of Gunjur FC signed Mr Njie’s nomination form.
A member of the Club signing on behalf of the President cannot amount to impersonation under any provision of the GFF Constitution and Electoral Code. In the administrative hierarchy of any institution the head is empowered to delegate subordinate officers to act in his or her capacity. In this case the President of Gunjur FC delegated a member of the Club to sign on his behalf. It was not Mr. Ebrima Jammeh who signed for the President as claimed by the Electoral Committee. The Presidents delegation of a Club member to sign the nomination form cannot constitute a ground for disqualification of nomination under any provision of the Electoral Code and GFF Constitution.


3. Electoral Committee on Essa Jallow
Your Club Serekunda United FC has been relegated from the Second Division of the GFF League in the just concluded season. Thus the club is no longer a member of the Federation and doesn’t have the right to participate in the upcoming election by the virtue of your non-membership


Sillah Camp’s reaction
The reason for the disqualification of Essa Jallow was based on the notion that Serekunda United FC is relegated and it is no longer member of the GFF as the Season is said to be just concluded. However, Serekunda United FC registered in the 2017/2018 Football Season which started in November 2017 and will end at the time when the 2018/2019 commences with the registration of promoted teams. Serekunda United FC rights to participate in the GFF activities will abate when 2018/2019 seasons begins.
Constitutionally, the membership rights of GFF is not only limited to football competitions but extended to the following rights as indicated article 13.1 of GFF Constitution that provides:
a) To take part in the General Assembly of the GFF, to know its agenda in advance, to be called to the General Assembly within the prescribed time and to exercise their voting rights;
b) To draw up proposals for inclusion in the agenda of the General Assembly;
c) To nominate candidates for all bodies of the GFF to be elected;
d) To be informed of the affairs of the GFF through official bodies of the GFF;
e) To take part in competitions organised by GFF;
f) To take part in GFF assistance and development programmes; and
g) To exercise all other rights arising from these statutes and. other regulations
The combine effect of the provisions of the above article of the GFF Constitution cited does not rob your right to enjoy other guaranteed rights at the conclusion of the Football Competition. Serekunda United FC is obliged to enjoy all other rights.


4. Electoral Committee on (Mariama Jorbateh)
Mrs Mariam Jorbateh in her Eligibility Questionaire claimed that she is the Female Representative of the Lower River Regional FA, which was denied by the president of the said FA Mr Ansumana Sanneh . In a telephone conversation with the Electoral Committee Mr Sanneh further told the Committee that Mrs. Jorbateh has never been a member of LRRFA during his tenure.


Sillah Camp’s reaction
PSV Wellingara FC nominated Mariama Jorbateh as the Female Representative in GFF Executive Committee. .
Mrs Mariama Jorbateh was duly elected as Executive Member of the Women’s Football Association during the last elective congress representing Women’s Football in the Lower River Region Football Association (LRRFA). Mariama Jorbateh did not file a false information on her nomination form and it was misconstrued by the electoral committee.

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