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The guide for a sovereign republic

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In the run for a better democratic and sovereign nation, we need criticisms but constructive ones. Destructive criticisms circulate and affect the national peace. By our broad capacities of understanding, we fail to be informed about things that matter the most with destructive criticisms, especially in our political activities. For clarification purposes, this essay is not referred to the government in general, but to those that form the government. We cannot sit to let misinformed personnel sour an oath.  To Halifa Sallah I say, “Audemus Jura nostra defendere” considering the fact that the gentleman is dying for the betterment of The Gambia.  The Gambia owes him a debt of gratitude.

In our quest to recognize the media for instance, as a sovereign nation, we have to follow the teachings of Honorable Halifa Sallah, if not to our extreme but to make a choice by listening to him for a better Gambia. Nevertheless, we have many of his kind in The Gambia. It is just that in a lane of race, there must be a leading one. Halifa is not actually leading from our psychological point of view but we are seeing him colorfully amongst the rest. More humanely, every human being is advised and expected to be conscious of what he says or does to avoid at least making an error.

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What could be more useful for a human being than to be guided? Halifa absolutely believes in the powers of man and the capabilities inherent in him to overcome the challenges of injustice and aggression that could keep him backward so as to embark on the use of progress to attain a democratic agenda of a sovereign nation. It is crystal clear that sovereignty is the mountain top desire of every nation that aims to be advanced. There is no faculties we could have but to realize who is for the greatness of The Gambia. He stands still to continue his march so that the Gambia can achieve the great aims of her struggles which include liberty, socialism, sovereignty, democracy and unity. This in the greatest sense of thought could tell us about the greater aims of the gentlemen and what he has for the Gambia.

For if words are merely uttered by him for some other reasons we know not, then we can blame him for whatever.  But we understand that anytime he talks, he always addresses by the constitution which is authentic, and reliable enough to be acceptable. We ought to be hypersensitive that sometimes it’s not about what we think of a particular person due to misinformation but what we have to look into deeply. This is because we infiltrate our tongues before our thought which always causes us endless embarrassment. This as a result, is the very beginning of our inhumane injustice acts. Despite all the facts, we have to criticize or raise allegations against one constructively but not destructively, considering the fact that such has been happening “Ab exordio mundi” for we found it here and here we shall leave it.

To mind about many and neglect few, we invariable commit social injustice by doing or saying things we know not. Following our own ways of thinking could get us right and so could it get us wrong as well. How are we sure of our every word meant for him? We have to understand the beginning of everything before any word. If we cannot understand the beginning, then the road before us becomes blocked and cannot expect human beings to find answers to these persistent questions. If we understand that there is a problem within the government, we can solve it without blaming anybody, through the conception of peaceful co-existence, we can solve the problem of misunderstandings between religions, political, tribal, ethno linguistic differences and nationalisms, and then we would be spared of petty problems and sufferings.

In the actual sense of the word, looking at the accusations and faults; words that circulate around the person of the man, are mostly unreal and baseless. Making up words for the sake of having something to say, is absolutely inhuman which discourages excellence. Many of these false allegations will come in details in editions to come. Overall, it is never easy to stay clear of doubts, as every being is given sense of reasoning, but to make light in the dark, every human being has limited sensual capacity. Politics is not what we think it is but what we think of it.

Halifa Sallah, through his sheer will and commitment to his goals for the Gambia and having freed himself from selfishness, short-sightedness and regionalism, presents his human revolution as a democrat and socialist all in one. By construction of thought, defining his stance towards problems of man, the age and The Gambia and world, he adheres literally to this role in Gambia political history in his day-to-day practices and his political choices along his march of struggle, regionally, nationally and internationally.

To be continued.

By Kebba Mamburay

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