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By Muhammed Sidibeh
The Magnetic Poet

The world says enough not as you crave;
Complementing you say enough not but up to the grave.
Equally you state enough not but to the cave,
And enough not until the malevolent fave.

They have been seeing;
They sin.
They have been singing;
They sink singing.
They have been waiting;
Blood they suck waiting.

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They cut their index fingers,
Their middle fingers,
Their accusing fingers,
Their thumbs,
And other parts of the corpes’ bodies.
For their personal glorification and gratification they exhume tombs.

For them everything is I of individuality.
Neither him of we nor her of us but I of individuality…
I alone I…

Recall that Satan is an avowed to man.
His students are as ambitious as the devil.
Bold in odd times of the night like evil.

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So unprick that needle you pricked.
Excavate that hole you dug tricked.
Remove that stone you bricked.
Untie those knots you tied to make someone weak.
Dig out the pit you put that living being without any reasonably positive metric.

For you shall get your comeuppance if you remain unapologetic.
Just deserts if you remain in life commatic.
Poetic justice by THE FAIREST LORD if you so remain chronic.

Thus let faith be your cynosure.
Destiny be your favourite symphony sure.
To guard you against those identifiable and unidentifiable fusillades of bullets from piercing through your pleasure and leisure.

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