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City of Banjul
Sunday, February 28, 2021


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By Akwad Nano She requested a poem Words begin to tom-tom Her name I voice a psalm A lover totem like Akwad la emblem She’s essentially of essence like my spex That solutes Gibran Talib la essay Her condemn for tribal and racial conjugation Consoles me like kissy-kissy Jammeh Saikou la mansa comprehension She is a laureate in the trade for bank notes A blouse to classified particulars A non-mate to liars A reconsider in wrong doing A blanket to righteous Dabo Jula See if the spelling of beautiful is mistaken for lustful That’s her smile and mid-night kiss But her beauty remains beautiful inside That’s why she’s housed in her cubicle Giving every one that creamer smile And they called her the lady in the bank The favourite for I To carry her in my landau]]>

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