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The untampered Africa

Kebba S Juwara
The Panacea Poet


The untampered African society

Rich deep and filled with purity

Long before the invasion of foreign vultures

Who raped Africa and left her with children lost to their roots and culture



When African leaders were not infected with tyranny

When African leaders practiced the ‘Africanly made Democracy’ without the need for foreign aid, instincts or scrutiny

When Afriacan “Burr” calls the “Jewel” to summon the whole kingdom

To his palace, where the opinions of people are sought and everyone enjoyed freedom…


Ehakilo bulandi

“Waato meng Mansa ka kungko bondi”

When African leaders did not live on taxes of their people as financial remedy

When kings themselves were warriors

And not those with big bellies in air conditioned interiors


Oh Africa!

What happened to your children?

Whose society was free of illegitimate children

Who never had or knew begging

Whose women never wore   “changal” and tight leggings

Where have the “Dara faano, and the chaya” gone to?

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