TMCs birthday message to sports icon George Gomez



By Lamin Cham

On this day 80 years ago, God gave the world a gem in you Uncle George Furmose Gomez. Reverting to all your good deeds for human kind, I want to allude to the scriptures and say you are one of the few chosen out of the many that were called to duty by God. I am assertive on the fact that when your Dad Karofan Gomez trekked from Bissau to Banjul he had no idea that one day his legacy as a humanist and philanthropist will be upheld through deeds by his son; you surely have made him proud from the heavens.


Your work in the lives of young people in our country is unmatched and I do hope the Government of The Gambia will show its appreciation of your work by conferring the highest insignia of the land, Grand Commander of The Republic of The Gambia ( GCRG ) for you earned it. Even on vacation, you are working for the youth, thats my take on youth empowerment and no one does it better.

Your work in the Catholic Church of The Gambia, need I go into detail, I don’t think so and will allow the present site of the Holy Shrine of Kunkujang Mariama, your idea, do the talking for me. Day in and out you continue to challenge Gambians to be the best they can be for country. How, I so wished there were few more like you who put country and others before self. You truly are an outstanding Ambassador for our country. Your work in The Gambia separates you from all the pretenders for you have always produced positive results for country and the youth. Therefore on this day when you celebrate this landmark birthday, I congratulate you with best wishes for your continued good health and prosperity. I add mine to the many prayers being offered your well being and I do continue to look forward to your leadership and mentorship. ” Audrere est Facere.” To do is to dare, you dared Uncle George and yes, you did! Well done faithful servant of God. Gachengalama.