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Turkish philanthropists give 74 bulls to needy Gambians

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By Fatou Cham

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Turkish philanthropists based in Netherlands, through their international humanitarian Relief Organization IHHNL in partnership with Cemiyatul Hyre Relief Organization (CHRO) in The Gambia, slaughtered 74 bulls as part of their humanitarian support to the poor and the needy during the Tobaski Feast.
According to the country Director Cemiyatul Hyre Relief Organization (CHRO), Musa Jallow forty seven bulls were distributed and slaughtered in Jarra East, Lower River Region while the other twenty seven were distributed and slaughtered within the Greater Banjul Area.
According to Mr. Jallow, the gifts are from their counterpart donors who are Turkish based in Netherlands.
Mr. Jallow went on to thank the Almighty Allah and the donors for making this event a success. He also commended the donors, saying that 74 bulls were not small, “we cannot measure how much people appreciated the bulls.”

According to the country director, as part of their activities, they visited the Turkish Ambassador to the Gambia.
According to Mr. Jallow during their stay in the Gambia, they were able to visit some of their intervention sites like Kassa Kunda.
“Where we are building a boarding school for orphans, and three class room blocks, kitchen and the project is almost ready.”
He also mentioned other areas like Talinding where they are embarking on development projects for the community.

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