Turo Darboe gives out over 3000 rams


Modou Turo Darboe, the chief executive officer of Vision Development Foundation, has distributed over 3000 rams and 15 heads of cattle to Muslims across the country.
The presentation of the gifts was part of his 2018 annual package for the Tobaski feast.
According to the project coordinator Kabiro Darboe, a total of 3217 rams and 15 cows were distributed to various communities, individuals, elders and religious leaders.
He said 15 cows went to the victims center, Yundum military, Fajara Barrack, Giffanga group in Foni and Talinding while the rest were given to various mosques, communities and religious leaders.
He said the distribution was carried out at Abuko in a very transparent way and at the end of the distribution, all the targeted communities or religious leaders received a token of gifts from Mr. Darboe.