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UDP not behind 3 Years Jotna – Darboe

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By Mafugi Ceesay

The leader of UDP, Ousainu Darboe has said that his party is not behind 3 Years Jotna.
Speaking on Kerr Fatou recently, Darboe stressed that nobody is going to rush UDP into making a pronouncement about its stand on the 3 Years Jotna before they are ready to do so.

He said when the UDP decides to make its pronouncement on the matter, it would not care whose ox is gored.

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Mr Darboe further observed that President Barrow has been working on the agenda of possibly contesting the next election since the coalition victory celebration in 2017, when he (Barrow) came out with his own T-shirt and not that of the Coalition.

Also when the Barrow Youth Movement was launched at the Semega Janneh hall, anybody who is an observer of the political scene could not miss the fact that something was building up, he added.

Darboe said even the rotational Friday prayers Barrow conducts around towns and villages are all sometimes followed by secret meetings with communities to gather support for his political agenda.

”Wherever they hold such meetings I am informed about them,” Darboe told Kerr Fatou.

On the release of the junglers, Darboe said that decision is “stabbing in the hearts of victims.

Their evidence is so fresh in the hearts and minds of people and to have them release now is really a stab in the hearts of the victims. Can you imagine Haruna Jammeh forced to kneel down and have a robe around his neck and these people pulling it as if in tug of war and as alluded by the lead counsel his life snuffed out.

This horrific story is too fresh in the minds of the people. I would have waited a little bit longer, may be two, or three months before releasing the the junglers,” he opined.

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