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UDP regional chairman clears air on Barrow Movement

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Karamo Jadama, the chairman of the United Democratic Party in the North Bank Region yesterday issued a press release to clear the air, following an anxious moment of political tension in the Baddibus amid claims that some former APRC and GDC supporters came to Njaba Kunda to open an office in the name of President Barrow.

The news was greeted by angry UDP supporters who swore never to allow such an office in their area.
In his statement, Jadama said the confusion has now been cleared because President Barrow has categorically made it clear that he did not send anybody to open an office for a political party.
Rather, according to Mr Jadama, there is a Barrow Movement for National Development which is not a political party and which will have 3 members of staff in each region.

The full text of Jadama’s statement reads:
I have been given a directive to clear political tension going around in North Bank and other Regions of The Gambia by some other party elements like APRC former National Assembly member of Central Baddibou , former APRC Regional Coordinator, Former APRC councilors, chairmen and GDC supporters in NBR trying to constitute different political bureaus in the name of our President HE Mr Adama Barrow.
For the public information, the exercises most stop immediately. President Barrow is 100% UDP since the establishment of United Democratic Party in The Gambia. Therefore he has totally denied that he has ever authorised any other political party member to constitute Barrow Youth Movement bureaus in any region.

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To inform the general public that President Barrow has his own movement called Barrow Movement for National Development, which will constitute of only 3 staff in each bureau of all the regions in due course.
In the near future, all the Regional Chairmen of UDP and their executive committee members will be notified about the establishment of their Regional Bureau as well as select 3 youths from their UDP youth wing in their Regions in to represent their Regional Development Progress.

I want to take this opportunity to inform the general public that APRC has no political base in North Bank but they are welcome to join UDP. Therefore, North Bank, Banjul and Kombo Executive committees has totally condemned this action by APRC and GDC supporters.
Finally, I am urging all UDP supporters in the North Bank and in other Regions to maintain their loyalty and rally behind our Secretary General and Party Leader, Alhaji Ousainou Darboe and our able President HE Mr Adama Barrow who has no other agendas but the development and advancement of the Citizens of The Gambia.

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