Following the narrow elimination of his team in the African Under-23 qualifiers this week, Coach Abdou Jammeh- T- Boy has made a public statement about his job and the overall state of the assignment. It reads:

”It’s been my first assignment on national duty as a coach and I remained humbled by the trust invested in me to carry such a noble but daunting task. I would like to thank the GFF and the fans for all the support they have rendered. My technical team, team manager and all the players for the hard work, team spirit, discipline and commitment they have displayed all along on and off the pitch. We had gone out and fought as a team and unfortunately our best on the day fell far short to take us to the next level. For that I am deeply saddened. At the same time as a person who has lived the better part of my life in football, I am fully aware that the game comes with wins and losses. Today we lost, and that’s not the way we wanted it. This however gives us the resolve to work harder to correct our shortcomings and achieve more positive results in the future”.

With the next official Under-23 programme years to come, T-Boy would have ample time to build a  formidable cadre of players  and develope them to maturity.