Upper Fulladu NAM tours constituency


By Olimatou Coker

The National Assembly member for Upper Fulladu West Constituency, Sanna Dawda Kawsu-Jawara has recently embarked on thank-the-people tour in his constituency.
The tour, according to the UDP NAM, was designed to mark his six months in office and as well thank the people of his constituency for electing him.

Hon. Jawara was accompanied by the UDP’s grand sister Marie Jobe, his designate personal assistant, Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Burno Cherry, the constituency executive committee and other dignitaries of the constituency.


The NAM’s delegation was greeted with a resounding welcome by the people of Upper Fulladu West Constituency.
Speaking during one of the series of meetings, Hon. Sanna Dawda Kawsu-Jawara thanked his supporters, most especially the executives of the United Democratic Party.

Jawara also reserved some especial thanks to his namesake, former President Sir Dawda Jawara and called on his people to continue maintaining peace and tranquility in the constituency.
He said government should be seen as social contractor to the people, “and those elected into office should always remember the people who elected into office.”

“Visualizing the relationship of the electorates and the elected officials is always good to build confidence between the elected and electorates. It is because this, I decided to embark on this tour, not to only thank my people but as well build a strong relationship with them,” he said.

He part of their tour is to also give his electorates the chance to outline their needs and as avail himself the opportunity to share with them his plans and aspiration for the constituency.
Jawara further stressed that he is committed to ensuring that issues affecting his constituency are addressed.
He also promised to pay visit to the constituency in every three months, this, he said will give him first hand information on events and needs of the constituency.

Meanwhile, the grand sister of the UDP, Mariama S Jobe said their visit was meant to thank the people of Upper Fulladu West Constituency for choosing Sanna Jawara as their NAM.
She said this will no doubt develop a very good relationship between the people of Upper Fulladu West Constituency and Sanna Jawara.

“I also want to assure you that, Jawara is the right person to bring about the needed development that was lacking in the constituency for the past 22 years,” she said.
She noted that Upper Fulladu West Constituency has been over the years marginalized by the APRC.
She said this led the constituency to be dominated with complex political issues, “but I want to assure again that, Hon. Sanna DK Jawara will once again create the enabling environment that will ensure priority is restored in the constituency.”

The Alkalo of Boraba Village Sainey Njie said Sanna Jawara is becoming the shining a beacons of hope for the poor local communities of Bansang and Upper Fulladu West Constituency in general.
He rated the tour as 99% successful, saying this is the first time in the history of Upper Fulladu West Constituency their elected national assembly member is having such a dialogue with the people just after six months of assuming office.

The councilor for Bansang ward, Nuha Jawara extolled Hon. Jawara for taking the step towards bringing unity and development in the constituency.
He called on the people of Bansang to unite behind the United Democratic Party.