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Waste management

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The collection and management of waste has always been a problem in The Gambia.

Since the country gained independence from Britain in the 1960s, the proper collection and management of waste has posed a tremendous challenge to the government and the various municipalities.

The truth is that this has rendered some parts of the country uninhabitable. There are some parts of Banjul and of the Kanifing Municipal Area that are totally uninhabitable.

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The areas like the Bakoteh Dump site are eyesores which should be tackled as soon as possible to avoid the spread of diseases and other environmental hazards.

For years, municipalities and governments have battled the issue of waste collection and management and failing to a large extent.

This was why it featured heavily in the last mayoral election campaign.

Candidates spoke about ways and means to solve this problem and sold their agenda to the people who in turn entrusted them with the governance system.

Over the weekend, the Kanifing Municipal Council inaugurated a fleet of twenty-three waste collection trucks to be used in all the wards in the municipality.

This is indeed a step in the right direction as it will contribute immensely to the development of the municipality and by extension, the country at large.

It is hoped that both the Central Government and the various municipalities will engage in efforts to bring about a transformation in the societies they serve.

The important thing now is the management and maintenance of these trucks to ensure maximum benefit to the people of Kanifing Municipal Area.

The trucks must be maintained properly so they last long and serve their intended purpose.

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