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We Have Come Home

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By Lenrie Peters

We Have Come Home

We have come home

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From the bloodless wars

With sunken hearts

Our booths full of pride-

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From the true massacre of the soul

When we have asked

‘What does it cost

To be loved and left alone’

We have come home

Bringing the pledge

Which is written in rainbow colours

Across the sky-for burial

But is not the time

To lay wreaths

For yesterday’s crimes,

Night threatens

Time dissolves

And there is no acquaintance

With tomorrow

The gurgling drums

Echo the stars

The forest howls

And between the trees

The dark sun appears.

We have come home

When the dawn falters

Singing songs of other lands

The death march

Violating our ears

Knowing all our loves and tears

Determined by the spinning coin

We have come home

To the green foothills

To drink from the cup

Of warm and mellow birdsong

‘To the hot beaches

Where the boats go out to sea

Threshing the ocean’s harvest

And the hovering, plunging

Gliding gulls shower kisses on the waves

We have come home

Where through the lightening flash

And the thundering rain

The famine the drought,

The sudden spirit

Lingers on the road

Supporting the tortured remnants

of the flesh

That spirit which asks no favour

of the world

But to have dignity.

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