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What Caf told GFF about adewale protest

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The Confederation of African football Caf made a decision on the protest by Gambian against Togo for the inclusion of a player in their match in Lome on October. The continental body said its disciplinary committee has dismissed the protest on the following grounds:
“On the 18th of October 2018, The Gambia Football Federation lodged a formal protest on the eligibility of Togo’s national team player Adewale Oloufade before the start of the match NO. 86: Gambia vs. Togo which was played in the frame of the Total Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers 2019.

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) argued that the player is of Nigerian nationality, and was later adopted by Togolese ex-player Mr. Adekambi Olufade, which gave him the right to Togolese nationality. The GFF used the conditions stipulated in article 5, 6, 7 of the FIFA Statutes in regards to the acquisition of a new nationality of a player and have further reasoned that the player does not fulfill the required conditions; as such he is in direct violation of the FIFA Statutes and should be regarded as ineligible.

The GFF has additionally underlined the fact that the player has been registered on CMS under two different names and under two different nationalities (i.e both the Nigerian and the Togolese nationalities) which should be deemed as a falsified document.
CAF sent out a letter to the Togolese Football Federation on the 25th of December 2018 requesting that they provide CAF with their response to the allegations made against the player Adewale Oloufade.

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On December 31st, the Fédération Togolaise de Football (FETOFOOT) sent a letter to CAF, explaining that the player’s dual registration on CMS was only but an administrative error. Furthermore, regarding the player’s dual nationalities, the FETOFOOT provided proof of the player’s birthplace being Togo by means of a birth certificate document as well as a nationality certificate.

In terms of the CAF Statutes and regulations; in terms of articles 10, 11, 43.1, 46, 82, 136 and 136 of the disciplinary code.


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The protest is admissible.
The player Adewale Oloufade was born in Togo and of Togolese nationality which deems him eligible to play for the Togolese National Team.
The Gambia Football Federation’s protest against the eligibility of the Togolese player Adewale Oloufade is dismissed.

Legal action:
This decision can be contested before CAF Appeal Board. The party intending to appeal shall announce his intention in writing within three (3) days of notification of the decision. If the last day of the time limit coincides with a public holiday in the country of residence, the

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