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City of Banjul
Friday, June 21, 2024


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The Gambia improved her standings in the CAN qualifiers after beating Benin 3-1 in Banjul on Saturday to level with Togo in points 5 each but Togo has a better goal difference and a superior head to head standing. The Gambia is away in Algeria in the last match of the series in March 2019. Algeria who are 10 points have qualified but the second spot in the group is yet to be determined.
Despite their defeat in Banjul, Benin is still second with 7 points and they are hosting Togo in March next year. As it stands the only way Gambia can come near qualifying is to win in Algeria which will give us a total tally of 8 points and hope for a defeat for Benin against Togo which will condemn the Benininois to their 7 points. However this means Togo will also finish 8 points and their superior goal difference and head to head over Gambia can eliminate us. On the other hand if The Gambia wins the appeal against Togo, it will benefit from another two points (we have already got one from the draw) but even if this happens it will only be meaningful if we can win in Algeria.

March 2019:
Algeria vs Gambia

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