In the wake of the current uproar triggered by the massive disqualification of aspiring GFF candidates for the August 18 elections, The Standard today revisited the GFF AGM of February where delegates passed some amendments increasing the number of votes for GFF members including clubs which has now become 30, 16 for Second Division and 14 for First Division.

That particular amendments has become a talking point of a heated disagreement as to when shall the increament take place. The opposition Malick Sillah’s camp said the increment according to the amendments should start in the 2018-19 season whereas the GFF said it is automatic after the delegates passed it .
For the purpose of clarity the Standard herewith reproduce the exact communication from the GFF on the amendments;

“The Meeting approved the following amendments of the GFF Statute, including an Eligibility Check and Term Limits for Elective Positions in the GFF Executive: 1. Article 34 of the Constitution was amended by inserting a new article, 34A: “the Executive Committee may co-opt up to two members into the Executive based on their technical competence and subject to them passing Eligibility Check to be conducted with the assistance of FIFA or CAF”. 2. Article 34.4 of the Constitution was also amended by inserting the following new paragraph; (e): “pass Eligibility Check to be conducted with the assistance of FIFA or CAF”.


This means that for one to be qualified to be elected into the GFF Executive, he/she shall Pass an Eligibility Check. 3. Article 41.1 of the Constitution was also amended to ensure that the President and Executive Committee shall be re-elected only once for a four year term. However, the current term of the current President and the current Executive shall not be counted. 4. Article 23 was amended to increase the number of delegates/votes of Regional Football Associations and Allied Associations to 4 and 3 respectively.

This was sequel to the decision of last year’s AGM to increase the number of teams in the First and Second Divisions to 14 and 16 teams respectively effective in 2018/19 League Season. In order to create a balance in voting power of members, the 2016 AGM tasked a three man Task Force to work out a formula for the increment based on principle of proportionality. As a result, the first and second division clubs shall henceforth have a total of 30 votes, representing 41.10 percent of the total votes while the allied associations shall now have 15 votes, representing 20.55 percent and the regional football associations shall now have 28 votes, representing 38.36 percent of the total votes; increasing the Total Number of votes to 73”.