Whose title? Real leads, but GAF better placed


Real de Banjul may be the most organised and richest team in the league, but missing the title a few occasions in recent years has dainted the team’s image. A few teams that always stand in their path to the title have been in most cases either Armed Forces or Gamtel after Wallidan’s recent hibernation from the top contenders.

A similar scenerio confronts them this year too. Sitting at the top of the table with 39 points, with three matches to go, Real must and can take all the possible 9 points from those three matches to make a total of 48. But this may not be enough because Armed Forces with 38 points has a game in hand, meaning they have four matches and a possible 12 points to pick which can give them an unassailable 50 points and in so doing, lift the title. The soldiers only need to win all four while Real must win three straight matches and hope for a slip by the soldiers.

Not Far behind and not wishing both Real and Gaf well is Brikama United who are 3rd place at 37 points. With three matches lef for them too, their prayers is for both GAF and Real to slip significantly while they pick all possible 9 points.
Marimoo, Wallidan and Fortune , in 4th, 5th and 6th place respectvely all have 32 points with neither of them with a realistic chance of laying claim to the title.


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