World Elder Abuse Awareness Day For The Elderly (WEADD) 2022


By Priscilla Jones

TAPEA, President

On behalf of the Association for the Prevention of Elderly Abuse (TAPEA). I Have the honor to publish an article in observance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.                                                                                 The Theme Care and Love for the elderly to commemorate the life, this day is set aside every 15th of June World Wide and Gambia is not an exception the Association deems it fit to complement Government’s efforts in addressing the growing needs and welfare of the elderly in the Gambia and also the foster better understanding between youths and the elderly.


With the intention to give abuse and neglected of elders a global relevance that will sustain and enhance preventive efforts. Definition is a single or repeated act or lack of appropriation action occurring in any relationship, there is an expectation of trust. That causes harm or distress to an elder person age 60 years and above.

Elder Abuse is serious problem across the globe but it is still under acknowledge and widely under reported, consider that elder abuse exists in families, communities and in other settings.

Some of the types of abuses range from emotional, verbal assault, harassment, intimidation among others. Part of it is denying the person at appropriate time, medical care, clothing or social contact forcefully confining or restricting their movements.

The most important financial exploitation is by means of forcing an elderly person to sign for money, properties depriving or restricting access to household finances.

Raising awareness on elder abuse is an going effort, as it is an important issue that needs to be acknowledged.

Finally, an appeal to NGO’S who are interested in supporting this initiative a long side the educational institutions religious groups individuals with relevant authorities to assist the Association in its drive to prevent elder abuse and neglect. So that in the later years the world will be free from abuse and neglect.

Aging is everyone’s future.