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Young woman needs urgent overseas treatment

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By Aisha Tamba

The family of a young girl in Ebo Town is seeking urgent support to take her for overseas treatment.

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Hawa Bah, 21, is battling a heart problem that doctors say cannot be treated in the country.

“She has moderate mitral regurgitation associated with severe pulmonary hypertension. She will require surgery for this valve that is not available in The Gambia, and will need to travel abroad to receive further treatment,” a medical report from the MRC stated.

Her sister Fatoumata Bah, who said the family is seriously distraught and desperate, added: “Her situation is getting worse by the day. Breathing is not normal, nothing is normal.”

Anyone who wishes to help young Hawa can contact the family through the following numbers: 3939985/7995597.

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