Over 100 youths leave for Dakar Summer camp


By Omar Bah

The Executive Director of the National Sports Council, Marcel Mendy has said that the Gambia-Senegal joint international youth summer camp will serve as a great opportunity for the youth of both countries. Speaking to journalists at the Independence Stadium on Monday shortly before he led a Gambian contingent of 100 youths to the international summer camp in Mbao Dakar, Mendy who also doubles as the vice chairman of the summer camp, said the camp was not only organised to expose Gambian youths but it will serve as a great opportunity for them to learn different live skills.

He said previous camps by the two countries proved to be very successful. “It allowed delegates to interact and as well get know each other well.”
The summer camp was initiated a few years ago to widen the horizon of the young people who may otherwise not even have the chance to travel to Barra. “So, is out of that backdrop that we deem it necessary to take some of these children to Senegal to ensure we bridge the gaps,” he said.


He said the other aspect of it, is to expose the delegates to different environments “I can tell you the last time we went with these children their parents called us to say they trips have improved the children’s perspective and understanding of the worldm” Mendy said..”
The camp, he said is also part of the Ministry of Youth & Sports yearly activities, and consist of two formats a national and international youth summer camp.

“We will be travelling with 100 young Gambian children for a week-long activity. During the camp, the children will be availed the same opportunity engage in many activities and as well pay visits to some parts of Dakar including the Gambian embassy,” he added.

Adding: “I will also like to assure all the parents who entrusted with their children that, they will be in a safe hands and God willing they will not regret to why they allow us to take their kids to Senegal.”
Meanwhile, Hajara Samba a former delegate of the international summer camp recalled the summer camp accorded her the first opportunity to travel outside of the country.