8 arrested for using tyres to smoke ‘cow canda’

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By Awa Macalo

Eight people have been arrested for allegedly using tyres to smoke cowhides, locally called cow canda.

The alleged culprits, two men and six women, were arrested in a raid on Tuesday while burning the cowhides behind the slaughterhouse in Abuko.


A statement from Food Safety and Quality Authority said together with the police, the officials acted on a tip-off from a concerned consumer.

“Food Safety and Quality Authority is continuing with its unalloyed resolve to clamp down on non-compliant food business operators and this is possible with the support of the public who can contact us on 1299 to make reports,” FSQA said.

Cow canda is a popular smoked hide used in various local dishes but according to FSQA, using car tyres to smoke it is unhealthy and could be harmful to consumers.