Banjul NAM says there was attempted arson attack on his house

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By Oumie Mendy

The National Assembly member for Banjul North has said an unidentified man had tried to set his house on fire in the early hours of Monday.

The UDP NAM said the incident happened at around 2am and took to social media calling for security forces to protect lives.


“There are people who attempted to burn my house on Sunday morning around 2am towards 3am. My wife was in the master bedroom with my kids. I decided to go to another bedroom to read. My wife rushed in and asked me to come with her, that people were trying to set the house on fire. I quickly followed her,” Honourable Bah said.

He said the person then fled the scene but unfortunately, electricity was unsteady. 

“Later in the morning around 7am, we observed that the wire gauze appeared to be burned. My wife had seen fire in the hand of the person who came.”

The MP said during his victory celebration on Saturday, one of his supporters was stabbed and taken to the health center. Honourable Bah confirmed to The Standard yesterday that he has reported the matter to the police.

Honourable Bah beat incumbent Ousman Sillah of PDOIS to win the Banjul North seat, the first time UDP claimed a seat in the capital.