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Thursday, October 21, 2021

A poem

We can, only if we unite 

We can, if we promote grassroots

We can, if we attract sponsors

We can, if we develop infrastructure

We can, if the media plays it check role


Failure is due if we undermine each other

Failure is due if we neglect grassroots

Failure is due where sponsors lag behind

Failure is due with insufficient infrastructure 

Failure is due with run-of-the-mill journalism 


Poor governance of football was the order of the day

Poor and inadequate infrastructure needs urgent attention

Lack of funding and sponsorship 

Lack of programmes to promote grassroots football

The media role in this cannot be underestimated 


To do this the government is key

To do this Caf and Fifa are crucial 

To do this clubs and allied associations are key

To do this the business community is crucial 

To do this the media needs to promote local football


Can we attain this without a football calendar? 

Can we attain this without trained technicians? 

Can we attain this by cheating/falsifying age?

Can we attain this without sufficient funding? 

Can we attain this without the media building hype? 


Women football needs equal attention

League players association cannot be overlooked 

The league must be restructured to attract spectators 

The spectators provide visibility for sponsors 

With the media we can transform Gambia football


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