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A response of the “Team Europe” to the COVID-19 crisis

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Press release

The current crisis created by the spread of the COVID19 is impacting, among others, many companies and projects in the energy sector,
“In this situation time is of essence, and it is important to be concrete and preserve the private sector from collapsing, to avoid major disruption and unnecessary long time for recovery”, says Attila Lajos, EU Ambassador to The Gambia.

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This crisis calls for a dramatic change in the way we deal with the environment, urging a renovated effort to move towards a green economy and to boost the use of renewable energy across the world.

GET.Invest – a European multi-donor technical assistance programme supported by EU, Germany, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands – aims at mobilising investments for decentralised renewable energy companies and projects.

GET.invest has created a fast-tracked COVID-19-specific window to provide advisory support to help companies navigate the crisis in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Caribbean. The fast-track “window” is targeted at existing and established companies that are at risk of not surviving this crisis, and it will help them with strategic advisory, business and financial plan revision, revising and if need be restructure existing financing arrangements, as well as facilitating access to relief funds.

This window features an accelerated application process, specific criteria as well as adapted support modalities. It aims at assisting those in urgent need, as well as generating more knowledge on what the situation is and what support is needed as well as how can be provided.

Interested parties can apply for the Covid-19 window via GET. invest’s website: www.get-invest.eu/finance-catalyst/covid-19-window/
For more information you can write to [email protected]

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