Accused stabbed deceased to death – witness


Testifying at the high court in Banjul, Momodou Jarra, also a Malian national said: “The accused killed the deceased near our compound. That was around 3am when everybody was asleep. He stabbed him with a knife. After the incident took place, I asked the deceased what he did to the accused and answered that he did not do anything to him.”


However, under cross-examination, Mr Jarra said he did not see the accused stab the deceased. When it was suggested to him by lawyer Mbuji that he was asleep when the incident took place, Mr Jarra said: “I’m a watchman. I do not sleep at night but I was not present at the time of the stabbing.”


The state witness also insisted that he informed the police while making his statement that the accused stabbed the deceased even when the lawyer told him that was not indicated in his statement. The statement was tendered as defense exhibits.

“I’m putting it to you that it is not correct that the deceased told you that he did not do anything to the man who stabbed him,” lawyer Mbuji pressed, but Mr Jarra maintained that the deceased did inform him before he died. The case was adjourned to January 19 for the state to present its second witness.

Makang Sissoho, 28, is on trial at the high court on a single count of murder. He is accused of stabbing Mr Tangara, also a Malian to death with a knife in the stomach with the knowledge that death would be the probable consequence of his act on May 31. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.